FOCUS: What You Need to Know About Wind Energy in Vermont

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About vermontersforacleanenvironment

VCE's mission is to raise the voices of Vermonters and hold corporations accountable for their impacts on our people, our land, our air and our water. We are united in the belief that Vermont's future lies in conserving its clean, rural, small-town environment. We have joined together to pursue the common goals of encouraging economic development with minimal environmental impacts and preserving Vermont's natural beauty. VCE is committed to providing facts and information so that people can make informed decisions. We encourage your participation.
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1 Response to FOCUS: What You Need to Know About Wind Energy in Vermont

  1. ipittano says:

    AS much I respect Annette’s work, as long the conversation does focus on the real source of environmental destruction, you can put up all the f(*&%)ing PV and wind installation you want – it is the nature of our society that is destroying the planet and it will continue to do so even if it is powered by wind/solar.

    Green Energy is another wall street scam and the industry and its advocates care only about profits and growth….

    Tired of the lies and those that perpetuate them…

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