Press Release: Fix “Big Wind’s” Problems before Creating More

Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts

This press release  was issued on September 6, 2013, announcing a letter addressed to the New England governors and Eastern Canadian premiers:

Communities to Governors and Premiers: Fix Wind’s Problems Before Creating More

Urged to stop supporting harmful projects, start protecting people and fixing the problems


  • Virginia Irvine (MA) 413-245-3179
  • Joyce Hemingston (CT) 860-379-6425
  • Annette Smith (VT) 802-446-2094
  • Christopher O’Neil (ME) 207-490-3842
  • Lori Lerner (NH) 603-744-2300

Hundreds of individuals, victims and groups sent a letter today to the Northeast region’s governor and premiers asking for an end to utility-scale wind development until those projects’ impacts have been addressed.

The letter comes as the officials gather this weekend in La Malbaie for the 37th Annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers.

“We are asking them to take clear, compelling, and compassionate steps to solve the problems they have created by supporting the deployment of ‘big wind’ in…

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VCE's mission is to raise the voices of Vermonters and hold corporations accountable for their impacts on our people, our land, our air and our water. We are united in the belief that Vermont's future lies in conserving its clean, rural, small-town environment. We have joined together to pursue the common goals of encouraging economic development with minimal environmental impacts and preserving Vermont's natural beauty. VCE is committed to providing facts and information so that people can make informed decisions. We encourage your participation.
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