ORDER granting [59] Federal Defendants’ Stipulated Motion to Extend Stay

U.S. District Court

District of Vermont

Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 5/7/2013 at 11:45 AM EDT and filed on 5/7/2013

Case Name: Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Inc. et al v. Madrid et al
Case Number: 1:12-cv-00073-jgm
Document Number: 60(No document attached)

Docket Text:
ORDER granting [59] Federal Defendants’ Stipulated Motion to Extend Stay. This case is stayed until 7/12/2013. The Federal Defendants shall continue to file periodic status reports as to the Forest Stervice’s progress. The parties shall confer and submit to the Court a revised case management and briefing schedule within 30 days following issuance of final findings based upon the Forest Service’s analysis or, if one is prepared, within 30 days following completion of a supplemental environmental impact statement and any related modification of the record of decision. Signed by District Judge J. Garvan Murtha on 5/7/2013. (This is a text only Order.) (kbl)
1:12-cv-00073-jgm Notice has been electronically mailed to: 

Stephen L. Saltonstall, Esq ssaltonstall@gmail.com

Robert E. Woolmington rew@wittenetal.compjb@wittenetal.com

Brian S. Dunkiel, Esq bdunkiel@sdkslaw.com

Cynthia S. Huber, Esq cynthia.huber@usdoj.govefile_nrs.enrd@usdoj.gov

Geoffrey H. Hand, Esq ghand@dunkielsaunders.com

Nikolas P. Kerest, AUSA Nikolas.Kerest@usdoj.govDiane.Barcomb@usdoj.govkelly.sammel@usdoj.govusavt.ecfmail@usdoj.gov

Patrick J. Bernal, Esq pjb@wittenetal.comdkt@wittenetal.com

1:12-cv-00073-jgm Notice has been delivered by other means to: 

About vermontersforacleanenvironment

VCE's mission is to raise the voices of Vermonters and hold corporations accountable for their impacts on our people, our land, our air and our water. We are united in the belief that Vermont's future lies in conserving its clean, rural, small-town environment. We have joined together to pursue the common goals of encouraging economic development with minimal environmental impacts and preserving Vermont's natural beauty. VCE is committed to providing facts and information so that people can make informed decisions. We encourage your participation.
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